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questions about how this one started. >>> and the escalating argument over a tax refund check has police on a man hunt. >>> the oscars are just days away, but those are not only the movie awards,handed out as students in the area are part of a >>> this morning investigators are trying to determine if someone purposely set a fire in a district heights apartment building, we told you about this as breaking news last night. the fire is now out. this is a look at the scene from chopper 4, firefighters were called to the oak crest towers on brooks drive in prince george's county last night. initially investigators thought there was more than one fire, but there was just one on the fifth story building. >>> also today american airlines passengers are waking up in the region after a bird strike that caused them to make an emergency landing. last night the flight returned to texas. no one was hurt here. the passengers boarded another plane to reagan and arrived overnight. >>> a heads up as you head out this weekend. ddot wants you to be careful as you make your way down h street the street. they
. it is starting to strain from the load. >> president barack obama called on congress to overhaul the business tax code. >> rebuilding our infrastructure is vital to businesses. >> the divided congress is likely to go along. the roads and bridges continue to take a pounding. nbc news, washington. >> and another museum coming to the district. >> this hasn't even opened yet but getting a lot of buzz. why this museum has special meaning for so many. >>> chuck, what's the latest on the weather? >> early computer models are coming. in results are consistent with what we've been saying. s us? are you there? yore breaking . is it you or is it me? wait, no. dude, i'm lagging. is it you or is it me? why is it so slow? is it you or is it me? [ male announcer ] if you're not on 100% fiber optics, it's you. verizon fios is 100% fiber optic, comcast isn't. so you can video chat smoother. game with less lag time. and upload a 5-minute hd video in 20 seconds. that's why nothing compares to fios -- america's fastest, most reliable internet. rated number one by pc magazine 7 years in a row, for speed, reliabilit
and structurally deficient. >> president barack obama called on congress this week to overhaul the business tax code. >> rebuild as good vital to business, creates good paying jobs that cannot be outsourced. >> a divided congress is unlikely to go along. meanwhile the nation's roads and bridges continue to take a pounding. nbc news, washington. >> speaking of the roads, roads are really rough tomorrow morning. >> this isn't going to be pretty monday morning. it's going to start as rain late this afternoon into this evening. the real trick with this forecast is when do we make the switch from rain to snow. how much moisture is left to be rung out of the atmosphere once below the freezing mark. the way i see it now, plenty of moisture left to add up to quite a few inches of snow through the heart of metro washington by this time tomorrow. winter storm warnings are already up from the mason dixon line all the way down to southern maryland. blue ridge to bay, everyone in the news 4 nation is under a winter storm warning starting tonight and goes into the overnight hours tonight and through the day
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3